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Joe Kelly & The Royal Pharmacy

Joe Kelly & The Royal Pharmacy

Nearly two years on from its original release, ‘World On Fire’, the acclaimed debut album by Joe Kelly & The Royal Pharmacy, is now available on vinyl via Dirty Carrot Records.

Lovingly remastered especially for this release by Matthew Evans (frontman of Cardiff-based garage and psych-rock geniuses Keys) 'World On Fire' sees the dust bowl-dry skeletons of Joe Kelly's haunted blues and country songs fleshed out with a widescreen Americana sound courtesy of his stellar backing band The Royal Pharmacy and producer/keyboard player Jon Greening.

After spending years living out of various cars, vans and caravans, touring the UK, Australia and New Zealand with just a broken-necked guitar and a battered case of harmonicas, Joe Kelly found shelter in an old Victorian police station in Newport just in time to ride out the storm that was the Covid-19 pandemic. These songs are the product of life during that period, with some tracks cut live in the studio before lockdown using vintage recording methods and minimal overdubs, and others created remotely.

Standout moments include 'Old House' – originally released as a pay-what-you-want single for UNICEF, this wraithlike psychedelic anthem is reminiscent of Richard Ashcroft or Noel Gallagher at their most achingly atmospheric – the road-movie stylings of 'Amber Glow', and 'Kingsroad', a desolate folk-rock epic and fan favourite.

Joe Kelly live:

01/06 - Up The Port, Corn Exchange, Newport

09/06 - Acapela studio, Caridff supporting Jenny Colquitt*

06/07 - Dirty Carrot Roadshow, The Foundry, Brecon

19/07 - Rebel Fest, Tiny Rebel Brewery, Newport

09/08 - Behind The Barn Festival


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