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Mr Bewlay

Mr Bewlay

The Art Pop Extraordinaire Mr Bewlay has established himself as the paramount voice for the unorthodox. Currently based in Cardiff, Bewlay’s upbringing was flamboyant with an early induction onto stage. With amateur dramatic performances of classics like West Side Story, A View From A Bridge and A Streetcar Named Desire Bewlay learnt the subtle intricacies of stage performance, a skill he brings with him to this day. Beginning his musical career under the mentorship of the respected Forte Project in Wales, he has been pushing boundaries with his self-organised UK tour playing shows in cities such as London, Glasgow, Liverpool and Bristol. Recently Mr Bewlay has signed with the indie label Dirty Carrot and is planning the release of his third EP Against All Reason, the final instalment of his Reason Trilogy.

His style is eclectic, jumping from genres accompanied by sleek and professional photography and videos. Bewlay remains in a lane of his own with bombastic vocals, extravagant styles and lyrics of the utmost originality. His most recent venture explores the world of Proto-Feminism basing ‘Worst of All Women’ on the works of Juana Ines de la Cruz, but twisted in a defiant anthem on female self determinism.

Bewlay speaks about the track saying “No matter what you do as a woman someone will consider it “wrong”, so just hold your hands up and say “I’m tired of being right, let me be wrong?!”

Mr Bewlay has brought an originality and boundary pushing artistry with previous tracks Live, Laugh, Love and Wobbegong. Championed by the likes of BBC 6 Amy Lame, Huw Stephens, Louder than War & God is in the TV he gathers to his side the weird and wonderful.

Mr Bewlay live:

26/05 - Devauden Festival

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