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The fantastic debut album by Katielou




1. Home

2. Trouble

3. Shame

4. Soul

5. Boys

6. Embers

7. Dark

8. For The Taking

9. Like You

10. Hurricane

11. AM

12. Bite

13. Wildfire


About Wildfire:


Wildfire is my soul. It’s a collection of songs that saw me through my late teens, my first relationship, my first friends for life, my first house parties and wild nights.


Although I’ve grown a lot since then wildfire will always be at my core. It’s how I saw myself; unpredictable, vulnerable but strong. Making some bad decisions and first mistakes.


Wildfire is for anyone going through those changes, finding a sense of self and feeling a bit lost at times and I hope it finds a way to spread to parts of your heart like it has mine.

Katielou - Wildfire

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