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'Live At Rockfield', the brilliant debut EP by Small Miracles


Out Dec 1




Side A


1. Technicolour

2. Sign Of The Times


Side B


1. Do You Want Me?

2. Berlin


About Live At Rockfield:


After a string of 6 singles, Small Miracles make their long form debut with their Live at Rockfield EP. Consisting of four tracks, all recorded live, Small Miracles show their range of material and the scope of their sonic capacity with aplomb.


Technicolour alludes to their earlier more groove-based material, while Sign of the Times hints at a different musical direction - piano led, built on a Hip Hop drum groove with sparse, open instrumentation.


Do You Want Me? is a genre-bending late night tune with hints of psychedelia and a heavy breakdown, and Berlin, the EP closer, sees the band take a slower, more spacious approach , with deep, story telling lyrics and expansive breaks.


As a whole, the EP shows the range and breadth of what Small Miracles can achieve with a long form release, with the quality and individuality of the iconic Rockfield Studio shining through on every track. The cohesion of the band is evident through the performance and Andrew Sanders' production adds massively to the polished feel of the record.


The Live at Rockfield EP will be released on Decemeber 1, 2023, with a full, documentary style live video and a run of vinyls alongside.


Small Miracles - Live At Rockfield (EP) Vinyl

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